A great weekend, not only finishing and making my own watch, but learning all sort of things about watches, the watch business and how to find small screws on the floor.   The clockworks is a very interesting place, and the team are all approachable and make it a fun time.  And the watch is great, of course.


If you're reading this and you haven't yet booked your place on a Seminar, do it now. It's a very special way to spend a weekend. A great learning experience in a great environment among great company. And at the end of it, your very own 'Pïéćë Uñiqùe' wristwatch. Just wonderful. 


Watchmaking is a special mystery to most of us, requiring thousands of hours to master. I suspect many people, like me, have secretly dreamed of exploring this haute craft. But it is intimidating, isn’t it? Actually, no. Not when you are in the company of such wonderful tutors. The weekend was fantastic, and it feels amazing to have a high quality timepiece on my wrist,  that I finished.

And now I have entered this world, I just want to spend more time in it!


It will be an experience I treasure. I can't believe how much I learned and how much I achieved... I'd probably surpassed my expectations by Saturday lunchtime - so often "experiences" are oversold and under-delivered but you really gave us two days to remember. You could not have been more generous with the decades of experience you three shared so generously, patiently, and with such good humour.